Chocolate Club

Give the gift of Harlan’s handmade chocolate all year! 

Our UTZ certified chocolate bars are created special each month and come with a variety of delicious fillings and chocolate pairings in each bite. All monthly shipments are sent with details on the chocolate tasting notes, process and ingredients. A truly unique experience offered exclusively on our website only! 

Please note the following Important Details:

  • All our products are made in a facility that contains allergens. We take the utmost care to eliminate traces, but as a result our products are only allergen free friendly. 
  • At this time only one allergy input can be checked.
  • Due to warmer weather, there will be NO shipments in July or August. In lieu of this, there will be a pre shipment order in June
  • All orders are shipped the first week of the month
  • We strive to use all biodegradable shipping materials

We are working out the final details and will launching online SOON. Be sure to check back often OR follow us on Facebook for announcements!